A Little About Oliver

Folklore has it that a one armed gold prospector named Reid discovered gold in this area, and the Town of Fairview (located just outside what is now known as Oliver) became home to gold miners, ranchers and businessmen. Fairview was one of BC's largest towns at the turn of the century. The gold rush died and sadly, so did Fairview, with Oliver springing up in its wake.

Following the First World War, BC's premier, known as "Honest John Oliver", envisioned an irrigation canal, which would bring this dry Sonora Desert region to life. Completed in 1923, the "Ditch" soon transformed this desert region into lush orchards and farms.

Incorporated in 1945, Oliver has a total land area of 4.88 square km. The 2011 Census Population for Oliver is 4,824. Oliver is located near the south end of the Okanagan Valley, in south-central BC. Just 25 km north of the USA border, Oliver sits in the only desert area of Canada. The attractive climate fosters popular tourist activities including summer water sports, golf and sight-seeing. Of course, its mild weather year-round, also makes Oliver a great place to live for local residents. Desert to the south, lakes, mountains, vineyards and orchards surround the town and make this area one of the most picturesque places in the Okanagan! Oliver has a trading area that includes from the US border to Penticton and Keremeos to Rock Creek.

Rich in history, Oliver also boasts a wonderful climate year round. The town averages 2,040 hours of sunshine per year with an average summer temperature of 29 C. Average temperature in the winter is a balmy 0 C with an average snowfall of 51 cm. Making Oliver the new winter destination spot for snowbirds and skiers alike. Oliver offers many things to do all year long with Mt.Baldy for winter activities and wineries, sunshine, beach, fruit, and much much more in the summertime.



Oliver is also known as the "Wine Capital of Canada", and renowned for the quality of wine grapes being produced here. Those grown in the favoured "Golden Mile" and on "Black Sage Bench" are sought after by vintners province-wide. Oliver's climate and topography offer the optimum conditions necessary to grow the preferred Vinifera wine grapes. Our area hold 1-% of the country's wineries and just over 4,500 acres of the fine grape growing acreage - 68% of the BC's 6,000 acres.So now that you've heard all about Oliver it's time you come and visit...ski, swim, golf, boat, bicycle, and if you can't move here, take some sunshine home with you!