Checklist For Vacating Tenants

Pursuant to the Residential Tenancy Act, a tenant is required to clean the unit, repairing any damages, and to vacate the unit by 1 :00 PM on the day the tenancy ends unless otherwise provided in the tenancy agreement. The following is a checklist to help ensure that you maximize the returned portion of your security/pet deposit(s).

Repair all damage caused during your tenancy. This includes any modifications that you may have made to the property. Fill small nail holes in walls and buff with a damp sponge instead of sanding. All belongings, garbage and debris must be removed from property.

In a nutshell, return the suite in the condition that you would expect to find it when moving in. Use appropriate cleaning products for each job to ensure that cleaning is thorough and easy. The new tenant should not have to clean or remove any garbage. So long as you return the premises in good order, you should expect your full deposit and any interest returned soon after your move-out. Thank you for using this list.

Arrive on time for your move-out inspection and ensure that all work is COMPLETE BEFORE the property manager arrives. Failure to be ready could result in a $100.00 per day over-holding charge as per your tenancy agreement.

You must provide your forwarding address to receive your security deposit by mail. Please also provide a phone number in case we need to contact you.