Southern Okanagan Secondary School originally opened in 1948 and was considered a benchmark for technological and architectural achievement. Mr. Frank Venables was chairman of the board at the time and was actively involved in education.  In 1970, because of his dedication to education, it was decided that the theatre be named after Mr. Venables.

Photo Source – Oliver Daily News

Photographer – Paul Eby

Then in 2011 while the high school was under-going an extensive multi-million dollar renovation project the high school was set ablaze and majority of the original structure was destroyed.  The community of Oliver grieved the loss of their beloved school and many watched the event as the high school burned to the ground.

Photograph Submitted by – Nadine Boulianne

After completing renovations and re-building the parts of the school that burnt down Oliver now has a mostly brand-new school with an improved science lab, gymnasium and auditorium.

Photo Source –CEI Architecture

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